Precor Incorporated, a unit of Peloton headquartered in Greater Seattle, WA, has been a pioneer in delivering fitness experiences for commercial customers and exercisers for more than 40 years.


PRIME is changing the world of strength training equipment. Through a keen focus on craftsmanship and innovation, PRIME has created a portfolio of the most elite strength equipment in the world. The cornerstone of PRIME’s plate loaded and selectorized equipment is their patented SmartStrength technology.


Made in the USA. In a time when craftsmanship is largely a thing of the past, we invest in the skills of our local manufacturing team. We focus on precision, integrity, and customer satisfaction. As a result, we deliver the highest quality products in the industry. Because... 'Good Enough' Isn't.


The Right Products for Your People. Everything we make is designed to be uncomplicated, durable and modern. Our commitment to simplicity means users of all kinds can step up to Vision equipment and get a workout started right away. Our tough designs stand up to hard use in busy environments, and a refined aesthetic creates a welcoming workout environment for all the people you serve.

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