Precor Icarian 12-Stack CW2912

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 The 12-Stack CW2912 is an Icarian® multi-station that combines two cable crossovers, two long pulls, two triceps push downs, two pull downs, adjustable hi/lo pulley and a dip-chin assist .  This unit is built to meet high demands of your facility, allowing you to accommodate more users.  Our Icarian products are highly durable, a long lasting investment for your facility.


Equipment Specifications

Longpull Modular Stations 2
Cable Crossover Modular Stations 2
Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley Modular Stations 1
Dip/Chin Assist Modular Stations 1
Pulldown Modular Stations 2
Tricep Pushdown Modular Stations 2
Weight Stack Depicted weight stack shrouds are not available
Standard Upholstery Colors All Spice
American Beauty
Blue Jay
Deep Clay
Hunter Green
New Purple
Regal Blue
Standard Frame Colors Gloss Metallic Silver
Metallic Ash
Desert Bronze
Black Magic Gloss
Gloss White
Black Pearl

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Length 412 inches / 1047 cm
Width 185 inches / 470 cm
Height 93 inches / 237 cm