Keiser A300 Leg Press Model 2531

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Keiser A300 Leg Press Model 2531


The A300 Leg Press was designed with a high­er foot plate to increase hip flex­ion and decrease knee flex­ion. This max­i­mizes glute acti­va­tion by caus­ing them to work hard­er at the begin­ning of the move­ment. The decreased knee flex­ion reduces shear­ing forces, pre­serv­ing the health of your knees. The sep­a­rate foot plates allow you to train each leg inde­pen­dent­ly, the way we function. 



Easy to move when you need to change your floor­plan. Place machines in loca­tions where weight may be a con­cern (mez­za­nines, cruise ships, etc.).


Helps you make the most of your avail­able floorspace.

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A) WIDTH: 38”/965 MM

B) HEIGHT: 48”/1219 MM

C) DEPTH: 69”/1753 MM


RESIS­TANCE: 0  1200 LBS/0  545 KG